Graphic Designer Training

The Graphics business has gotten in a major manner in the course of the most recent decade, particularly in the Indian subcontinent and the Southeast Asian markets. There is degree in the a wide range of funnies situations and have a wide range of requirements, for example, for creating design banners, display ads, magazine works etc.

Graphic design is an art of design and visual communication. In our everyday life the magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters, labels, bills, logo, brochures, visiting cards, banners, wrappers, hoarding etc which we see are designed by some graphic designer only.

Anya Web Solution has the speciality of providing graphic design training and graphic design job work in Shahdara. We have a highly professional atmosphere and offer various animation and digital media courses in the areas of Graphics. It has a very good reputation and the courses are in high demand always.

We offer Fast-Track Courses to students who wish to complete their learning in a short period.

• Digital Imaging
• Illustrations
• Layout for Design Publishing, Prepress & Production
• Branding Exercises, Logos and stationeries
• Face book & Other Social Media Image Creation
• Designing & Packaging
• Artwork for Advertising
• Symbols & Icon Design
• Design for Publications
• Information Design
• Infographic Design
• Creative Design
• How to trace design
• Magazine Design
• Cover page design
• Banner Design
• Holding Design
• Webpage Design

Print Media
• Intro to Print Media
• Logo Design
• Identity Design
• Magazines & Newspaper Ads
• Publication Designs
• Pamplates, Posters
• Outdoor Designs
• Tag Designs
• Packgage Designs
• Using Core Concepts


What does a Graphic Designer do?

An intensely collaborative role, a designer is critical to almost every organization. Designers’ roles vary, but they are always tasked with maintaining brand consistency and voice, and creating effective and elegant graphic solutions.

Career Options :

  • Graphic Designer
  • Photoshop specialist
  • DTP Operator
  • Advertising Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Packaging Designer
  • Web Image Editor
  • Fashion Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Digital Illustration
  • Visualizer
  • Logo Designer