Advanced Excel Training

Duration: 30 Hours     Modules: 1

AWS advance Excel training course is designed to help you become a successful Data Analyst. The extensive practical training provided by Advanced Excel Practitioner. This course is suitable for aspirants who are just starting their career in data analytics for Accounting purpose. This course has helped our students secure job in various MNCs. This is Advance Excel certification course have plethora of job opportunities in the various industries.

Module 1: Advanced Excel

  • Introduction
  • Using Excel lists
  • Creating a List
  • Sorting
  • To perform a Simple Sort
  • To Sort by Multiple Columns
  • Data Forms
  • Adding Data Using the Data Form
  • Finding Records Using Criteria
  • Filtering Data
  • AutoFilter
  • Freezing Panes
  • Linking Data
  • Macros
  • Printing Excel files
  • Managing Excel files
  • Grouping and outlining data
  • Shortcut keys and references
  • Advanced Filters
  • Special Features for Filtered Lists
  • Totals and Subtotals Total
  • Row
  • Subtotals
  • Manipulating data
  • Working with charts
  • Working with pivot table
  • 'What if' analysis
  • Managing Windows
  • Multiple Windows
  • Splitting Windows
  • Analysis tool pack
  • Analysis by goal seek
  • Analysis by pivot tables