Video Editing Training

Duration: 65 Hours     Modules: 1

AWS Certification Course in Audio / Video Editing & Composting is a video editing Training Institute in Delhi Shahdara, East Delhi offered by AWS Institute. Our course is beneficial for the Students who want to build a career in video editing for television programs, film industries, documentaries and work in leading video editing companies across the country. You will learn video editing with Adobe software like Adobe premier, Adobe After Effect and Filmora.

Module 1: Video Editing

  • History of Video Editing
  • Basic Concept
  • Importance of Video Editing
  • Different types of Techniques
  • Linear and Non Linear
  • Film & Television Editing
  • Cables, Tapes & Video Tape
  • Sound Editing
  • Transitions and Filters
  • Titles and Graphics
  • Composition and Key Framing
  • Color Correction
  • Finishing
  • Basic Effects
  • 2D Editor
  • Graphic Tiling
  • Practice on Premier pro
  • Practice on After Effect